Our Pilots

Chad Kaney

Chad Kaney


Helicopter News Pilot – ENG flying covering breaking news & traffic within Orlando’s Class B Airspace to include Restricted Airspace of Disney/MGM Conducted extended OGE operations during day, night and reduced visibility conditions. Worked with Local and State Law Enforcement ground/air operations, covering police chases and suspect apprehensions. Conducted thousands of hours of Pilot in command flight time, while maintaining a high degree of customer satisfaction and FAA regulations.

Will Treadwell

Commercial Pilot in Training

Customer Service Specialist
Lead Ground Crew Member
Private Pilot currently undergoing Commercial Pilot Training

Bruce Whitley

Bruce Whitley

Chief Flight Instructor

BBA University of Georgia
MBAA Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Former US Army Aviator
Commercial Pilot/Certified Flight Instructor
Rotorcraft/Helicopter Instrument
Airplane Single & Multiengine Land Instrument
5,300 + Flight Hours

More about the owner

Chad Kaney is not your average owner operator. Before founding Select Helicopters in 2014, he created a diverse background as a pilot gaining thousands of “pilot in command” hours flying for the news, police, search and rescue operations, and even major motion pictures. In fact, you can even spot him flying on an episode of TBS’s “The Detour” episode 8. From the very first time you speak with him, you get a sense of his passion for every aspect of the helicopter aviation industry that he mentions in a single conversation.

Upon founding Select Helicopters, Mr. Kaney was originally pursuing a tour and flight training company. Select has since advanced leaps and bounds due to high demand, and has expanded into the area of VIP services.

As a passionate aviator and business owner, Mr. Kaney has a unique outlook on his company operations and strives for excellence in service to customers. He excels in providing those who have never flown an exhilarating experience, that holds integrity, safety and quality at it’s core.