Things to do in Atlanta GA

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Things to do in Atlanta GA

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Atlanta, Georgia is the bustling capital of Georgia and one of biggest hubs for commercial trade and transportation in the southeastern United States. Known for its beautiful cityscape, rich history, and popular landmarks, Atlanta is the crown of Georgia and a must-see for anyone seeking a mix of history, culture, and modernity.

One of the finest ways to explore the expanse of Atlanta is through a helicopter tour over the city. Through gaining a birds-eye view of all the exceptional aspects of the Atlanta city skyline, one can truly immerse themselves in the history and growth of Atlanta. In fact, seeing the city from above allows a person to mark the intricacies of buildings and landmarks that would be missed from simply glancing into the sky. Would it not be more thrilling to mark the opposing curves and corners of the crowns of the King and Queen Towers, two of Atlanta’s finest architectural achievements, from above? Wouldn’t it be exciting to discover the immensity of the tallest building in Atlanta, the Bank of America Plaza, measuring at 1,023 feet, spanning 55-stories, and earning the title of ninth tallest building in the United States, from its highest point and not its base? Through taking a helicopter tour over the W Hotel, known for its opulence; Stone Mountain Park, the world’s largest piece of exposed granite, marked with the faces of three heroes of the south and surrounded by still lakes and vibrant trees; and well known attractions such as Centennial Olympic Park, the Coca-Cola Factory, and the Georgia Aquarium, you could gain a higher appreciation for the artistry ingrained in each natural and industrial aspect of Atlanta.

Your helicopter tour can be scheduled anywhere from early morning, giving you a chance to see the city waking up and cycling through the streets far below, to late afternoon, granting a respite from the busyness of the city, and even at sunset, allowing you to watch the city scape fade to a black silhouette against the colorful sky. Although there are a great number of things to do in Atlanta, gaining a perspective of the city from far above is one of the finest ways to truly grasp the beauty and history richly embedded in the cityscape.

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